How to write a methodology for a dissertation?

When taking a Ph.D. course, you will be required to write a dissertation. In deciding how to write a dissertation proposal, you have to keep in mind the different sections such as methodology. For most postgraduate students, a dissertation methodology is the most challenging part of writing, causing one to procrastinate whereby a plan to write a dissertation in a week goes out of the window. A dissertation methodology helps to explain the process you followed in conducting your research. To make things easier, of course, you can ask for professional help at By following the below methodology principles, you can learn how to write a dissertation methodology.

Introduce your methodology section

The key to ascertaining the essence of a dissertation methodology is showing that it can answer your research questions. Begin by outlining your research questions in different words that your research is trying to answer. Next, note down the assumptions surrounding your study. These two aspects help to bridge the gap between the literature review and methodology sections.

Describe the research design and strategy for your dissertation

A research design is the heart of a research methodology, which explains the process you follow when assembling and analyzing data. The research design should help you the writer to answer questions with ease by use of arguments and evidence in support of it. Start by outlining the method of data collection you will utilize such as interviews, surveys or questionnaires among others and explain why them. Clarify how you will choose your data and how you reached a particular group, ethnicity, and age of the participants. The design should also enumerate the specific question you will ask and their essence in answering your research questions. Ensure the research design explains to the reader why your design is the best for your dissertation.

Select a philosophical approach

A psychological approach helps to strengthen your research and the research method you have selected. Choose one of the following approaches; interpretivism, positivism, pragmatism, constructivism or post-positivism, based on the subject of your study and your research study. Next, describe the what, when, where, how and why of your research. Additionally, determine the research method to utilize whether qualitative or quantitative.

Outline the methods of collecting and analyzing data

The step requires you to specify how you will collect data for your dissertation and the tool you will utilize. For instance, you can choose to use an interview to gather your data. Next, determine how you will evaluate your data. Data evaluation requires the use of software such as Excel or SPSS. Explain why you choose the particular software and its effectiveness in carrying out your research.

Outline the ethical consideration of your research

When do you write a dissertation? An individual writes a dissertation when completing a final project to attain a doctoral degree. It is crucial when carrying out such research to put in mind the influence your research will have on others. Ensure your research is reliable by utilizing accurate data and fact. Make sure your research work will not harm anyone and outline the restraints of your study.


Writing a dissertation in a day may seem like an impossible task to achieve, as it comprises of different sections that one has to complete. However, by completing the methodology through the above principles, you learn how to write a methodology for a dissertation.